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NEW: High School Intramural Flag Football

To ensure the best possible experience for Flag Football participants, the 2023 Fall flag football intramural season has been POSTPONED till Spring 2024. Registration will be available through Please note, students MUST attend Fishers High School or Hamilton Southeastern High School to play. 

Intramural programming, in partnership with Mudsock Youth Athletics and HSE Schools, will give students attending Hamilton Southeastern and Fishers High School an opportunity to play sports with friends in a safe, supervised environment. The goal of the program is to increase youth sport participation by encouraging students to keep playing longer or re-engaging them to try something new. The flag football program is specifically administered by Mudsock Youth Athletics, independent of its member leagues. All games will be played on fields throughout the city of Fishers including but not limited to the athletic fields at the high schools.  

Do I need to know how to play flag football to participate?
No, this offering is for EVERYONE whether you are a seasoned athlete or haven’t played sports in years. Participants will pull opponents’ flags from a belt around their waist. No tackling is involved. Team comradery and fun are the priorities. We hope participants will enjoy playing with friends, being active in an outside setting and maybe even doing something outside their comfort zone. To accomplish this, we’ve created several options for divisions in a section below.

When you’re ready to roll, review the rules link below. We’ll also be updating the page with videos and tips to help you create plays and plan for that first touchdown.


Registration: Learn Everything You Need to Know

When do I register?
Registration for the Spring flag football intramural season will open TBD online at  

What is the cost?
The Spring 2024 intramural flag football offering is TBD per participant. Please note, participants on free or reduced lunch within the HSE School District may apply for a full or partial registration scholarship by emailing [email protected].  

Can I form my own team?
Yes, ALL intramural teams are encouraged to form teams with their friends. Participants should register as a team by indicating their team captain on the online form under their individual registration. All teams must have a minimum of seven participants and a maximum of 10. Please note, at this time we are not registering free agents however if you are interested, please email [email protected] to be placed on a list. We will try to form teams of free agents IF there is enough interest in specific divisions. 

Can we have a coach? Do they need to register?
Yes, teams are welcome to have a coach/es but they MUST attend Fishers or Hamilton Southeastern High School. Because only registered participants are allowed on the sidelines, coaches must register at by creating an account and selecting the volunteer position as “head coach.” Registered coaches will NOT have to pay a program fee. Unregistered coaches will be asked to leave the sidelines. Repeat offenders will result in penalties for the team and removal from the game locations. All registered coaches will be required to sign the code of conduct and are held to the same rules and standards as their team’s players.

*Please note, teams are NOT required to have a coach and adults (including parents/guardians) are not permitted to coach. Thank you for helping us keep it fun.

What does my registration include?
Mudsock Youth Athletics will provide flags, pinnies, and other equipment necessary onsite for game play.

What is your refund policy?
If the division your team is registered for does not have enough teams to play, we will provide a 100% refund. All other instances of refund requests will be subject to MYA refund policy.

Team Uniforms

Flag football intramural teams are encouraged to coordinate their own appropriate t-shirt/shirt theme. Please note that shirts must be tucked into shorts or pants if they hang below the belt line. In instances where opposing teams are similar colors, pinnies will be utilized.

*While we appreciate creativity, uniforms must adhere to Mudsock Youth Athletics standards. If a team’s uniform doesn't meet these standards per discretion of the coordinator, teams will have one week to rectify before games could be forfeited. Thank you!

Participants must wear shoes. Cleats MAY be allowed in certain locations. However, cleats with exposed metal are never allowed. Participants must remove all jewelry.


9th - 12th Grade Co-Ed
(must have at least 4 females)
9th - 12th Grade Female Competitive
9th - 12th Grade Female Recreational
9th - 12th Grade Male Competitive
9th - 12th Grade Male Recreational 

As this is our first year offering these divisions, Mudsock Youth Athletics will reach out to any/all teams in a division that don’t have at least six teams with options to transfer the entire team to another division, add individual players to another team in another division or provide a 100% refund.

Season Dates


Please note, we will make every attempt to make up a canceled game due to weather. Most games will be rescheduled for the following Sunday where teams may play double headers.

All games will be played on fields throughout the city including but not limited to the high school properties. Some games will be played under the lights later in the season.

While no formal practices will be scheduled, teams are welcome to organize these on their own.  


For general questions, please email [email protected]

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