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Adult Softball

**For Fall 2023 and Beyond, the City of Fishers has contracted with CCA to operate adult softball. Please visit or to find out more.

There's no place like home base. 

Spring Program Overview: 

The Adult Softball Leagues offer weekly scheduled games and a two-day tournament for registered teams made up of 12-24 players. All play takes place on Sundays** between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at Holland Park in Fishers. Players must be at least 18 years old to participate. 

**Mother's Day weekend games will be held on Saturday. 

Spring 2023 team registration opens January 16th and runs through March 15th at  
Fall 2023 team registration will occur at a later date.

Team captain's will register their team and pay the team fee. Captains will then be responsible for inputting email information for their players. A registration email will be sent to all players, who will then have to register/log into their account and fill out a waiver.

Having trouble navigating Sports Connect? Find help here!

Team Captains, scan down to the 2nd video and learn how to register your team. 

Players, scan down to the 3rd video and learn how to accept an invite to your team. 

Free agents should also register for the Adult Softball Option at to be placed on a list for consideration. By selecting the "Free Agent Option" under the registration, potential players can sign up at no cost. 

Season Overview:
The spring 2023 season begins on April 2nd with the season finishing up in late June.

Each season runs approximately 10 weeks with an 8-game regular season and one guaranteed game on the tournament schedule.   

Team Makeup:
You must have one (1) male and one (1) female for pitcher and catcher, two (2) males and two (2) females in the infield, two (2) males and two (2) females in the outfield. You may play more females than males, but you may never play more males than females unless you are only playing with 9 players. See rule section for further clarification.

Program Cost:
$500 per team

Please note. free agents can register at no cost.   

Questions? Email [email protected].  

Find the 2023 fall and spring information packet HERE. 

Find the 2023 Adult Softball Waiver HERE. 



Adult softball is divided by the teams overall level of competitiveness and skill. 

League A

Most competitive
League B
Mid-level, slightly competitive
League C
Least competitive


 Do I Need to Sign a Waiver?
Legally, no one can play without a waiver signed. We must keep waivers on file for five years.  All players and any subs added after initial submission MUST sign off on the waiver BEFORE they play. If you play someone, and they have not submitted their waiver, the game will count as a forfeit for your team. All players can fill out their waiver when registering to play.

How Can I Access the Softball Schedule?
You will receive an invitation to log into Sports Connect, on the page, from your team captain. Once you’ve done this, you can access your schedule on your team page. Extra copies of the schedule will also be on the table at Holland Park.

How Do We Keep Score?
Score books will be provided to team captains at the beginning of each game. Each team should bring a pencil or pen. Writing tools are generally provided, but not guaranteed.

o   Keeping Score:  Each team is required to keep score when they are batting on the provided score book.  You are not required to keep the other teams at bats, but it may be a good idea if you have an extra player who can do this on separate paper. Umpires will also double check the score book to ensure accuracy of the score.

o   Both team captains and the umpires will sign off on the score book following games.  When you sign off on your score book, you agree not to dispute any scoring issues following your signature.  Please make sure that team names and scores are legible. THANK YOU!

How Can I Find a Free Agent for a Game?
Mudsock Youth Athletics will manage a free agent list throughout the season. Email Kendi for the updated list. Free agents can be utilized if you do not have 10 players from your roster on any given week to keep from forfeiting or to make the proper number of males or females. 

What Happens if my Game Gets Rained Out?
Mudsock Youth Athletics will attempt to reschedule missed games due to rain outs. Depending on field availability, we will coordinate with team captains on an agreed upon date. If both team captains cannot agree, the game will be omitted from final standings. We will make every attempt to make up the game by adding an additional time slot on Sundays if possible. In some instances, other days may be utilized. 

Is There a Season Ending Tournament?
Yes, there is a single elimination tournament following eight weeks of regular season play.  A bracket will be sent out prior to the tournament.

How Do I Find Out If My Game is Canceled?
For notification of game cancellations, follow @FishersFields on twitter to view all updated field closures. There is no weather hotline.  Email updates will be sent out as well for cancellations and weather updates.

Is There a Sportsmanship Policy? 
Yes, the sportsmanship policy is included in the registration forms that are filled out prior to the season.  

What Equipment Can I Use?
For softballs, we will use slowpitch softballs that are approved by the ASA or USA Softball.  
An approved ASA bat list link can be found here:

What are the Rules?

See the “Rules” section of the information packet. 
ASA Rulebooks & Scorebooks are available if you would like a copy.

How are Standings Determined?
Standings are determined by: Wins/Losses/Ties, Win Percentage, Head-to-Head, Total Runs Scored, Total Runs Allowed, and lastly a coin flip. 

How Often are the Fields Lined?
Fields will be lined once before the first scheduled game.  The lines tend to get worn away as play continues throughout the day. 

Are Kids Allowed in the Dugouts?
Kids are allowed in the dugouts, but not entire families please.

Do We Need to Wear our Shirts at Every Game?
Shirts = uniforms.  Wear them. Subs can borrow shirts from other players or have a shirt of a very similar color.

Is Alcohol or Tobacco Permitted Onsite?
No smoking. No drinking. This is the easiest way to get your team kicked out of the league with no refund.

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